Real estate magnate and reality TV star Donald Trump told Breitbart News that Americans feel “embarrassed” by the lack of leadership from President Barack Obama with the assortment of global and domestic crises dominating the news right now.
“They are so disappointed in their country,” Trump said in a phone interview when asked how Americans feel when they see the unsecured U.S. border with Mexico, the global threats from ISIS, and the way the president is handling these and other crises. “They’re disappointed in their leadership, and they’re very embarrassed.”

Trump said it “would be a terrible thing for the country” if President Obama proceeds with his stated intention to use an executive order to grant amnesty to what some suspect may be up to or more than 5 million illegal aliens.

“Our country has enough problems,” Trump said. “Many of the people coming in are not people that their countries wanted. We’re getting a lot of rough customers coming in and we’re getting a lot of criminal types coming in. I’m sure we’re getting some very good people coming in. But it’s very unfair to the millions of other people who want to come into the country who want to go through the legal system, and they’re never going to make it. It’s very unfair.”
Trump’s interview came on Thursday, shortly after he completed the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to raise money for ALS research. The phenomenon has swept popular culture and politics, seeing many lawmakers, celebrities and popular figures dump a bucket of ice water on their heads to raise awareness and money for ALS research. After completing the Ice Bucket Challenge, participants cut a $10 check to raise money for ALS research and nominate a few others to carry the challenge on next. If someone refuses to accept a challenge, or doesn’t want ice water dumped on them, they can cut a $100 check for ALS research. The fundraiser has gone absolutely viral due to its ease to participate in and fun nature of the action.

Those who nominated Trump include Vince McMahon of the WWE, and Mike Tyson.

(INTELLIHUB) — The “official” Bilderberg Group website has released a list of participants for this years upcoming conference. The website also released a list of bullet points that they claim is the agenda for the secretive globalist Meeting..
In the past, Intellihub News and others have confirmed that while the list released by the Bilderberg website does include many who will be there, it also leaves out those that would rather not have their name released to the public.
It is also well-known that whatever agenda is discussed at Bilderberg will have repercussions for the entire world for years to come. (past attendees have claimed that the idea for the Euro was first discussed at Bilderberg)
Perhaps the biggest piece of news coming out of Austria and Bilderberg 2015 so far is the fact that a major Hillary Clinton advisor is on the list and set to attend.

Longtime Clinton friend and ally Jim Messina of The Messina Group will be attending the globalist conference where the globalist favorite for United States 2016 election will surely be decided. This news indicates that the powers that are  behind the Secret Meeting have most likely decided to back Clinton for President.

Editors Note:
God Help the USA if this Woman becomes our next President!

Jeb Bush getting Bashed by David Pakman on his show... calling Bush a "Bigot"...
Mr. Pakman needs to take a History course on the Founding Fathers of the USA and how this Country was established on Christian Principles and is why this Country was blessed by our Creator God.... 

Its the yuppie generation basically coming up with their demand for "tolerance" for gay rights and trying to push their agenda to destroy the foundations of our great country.

Bush takes on immigration -- but at hecklers' request

By Theodore Schleifer

Washington -When Jeb Bush didn't plan to talk about immigration at all when announcing his presidential run -- until protestors made him.

Bush took his only departure from his prepared remarks Monday to respond to a group of people heckling him on immigration reform. As Bush introduced his mother to the Miami crowd, Bush shot back.

"The next president will pass meaningful immigration reform so that will be resolved -- not by executive order," the former Florida governor said.
Bush, like most of the Republican field, has criticized President Barack Obama's reliance on executive orders to shield some undocumented immigrants from deportation. Bush himself has been one of the few GOP hopefuls to embrace a pathway to legal status for those immigrants, though his Republican rivals will almost certainly look to tarnish him with supporting what they deem "amnesty."

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The now-official presidential candidate is asked routinely on the stump about his immigration position, which is expected to be a serious liability among the Republican base. But it wasn't a topic he approached Monday in his remarks.
As he frequently does do, Bush detailed the story of how he met his Latina wife, Columba, while studying abroad in Mexico, and spoke for about 20 seconds in Spanish.
"As a candidate, I intend to let everyone hear my message, including the many who can express their love of country in a different language," Bush said.

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — At least two hundred people packed into a tiny office space in downtown Manchester to hear 2016 GOP presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) bash the “Washington machine” and hammer both parties in Congress for failing to read legislation like Obamatrade before voting on it.
He also touted his big victory this past week against the National Security Agency (NSA) bulk data collection program, and the PATRIOT Act—which he forced to expire. Paul said as the crowd of hundreds—which started arriving more than an hour before the senator came—cheered:

Tonight we’ve got a message, a message for the Washington machine: We’ve come to take our liberty back. Some in Washington say that you have to trade your liberty for security so we had a big grand debate, 10 and a half hours on one day then we came back for a few more hours. Now some in the Washington machine didn’t want me to be there and they didn’t want to be there. They wanted to be on vacation. We caused them to give a little bit of their vacation up to have a very important debate: Can you have your liberty, can you keep your liberty and can you also have security?
Paul recounted several details from his battle against the NSA and then quoted several intellectuals to back up his argument:

We did send a message to the president: The courts told him it was illegal and last week Congress told him, no more, you cannot collect our information. If we want to win again, if we want to be able to win New Hampshire, if we want to win the states we haven’t been winning, the states President Obama that we should be winning—New Hampshire, Iowa, Colorado, Pennsylvania—we are the only candidate right now that leads Hillary Clinton in all of those states.
The crowd went wild — even more so as Paul called for term limits in Congress and hammered Congress for not reading legislation — like Obamatrade — as several members of Congress get exposed for supporting Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), which would fast-track the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) THAT most of them haven’t read.
Paul’s 2016 opponent Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) voted for Obamatrade without reading TPP’s text—or at least that’s the impression his staff, which has continually refused to answer whether he read TPP before voting to fast-track it while making it a pillar of his foreign policy agenda—nor have many supporters of Obamatrade throughout House GOP leadership. Paul said:

The way we’re doing it is we’re running against the Washington machine. This is the machine that the biggest reform we could probably have that would break the inertia, break the status quo is guess what? They all ought to come home. Let’s have term limits for every single one of them. The other thing we’re going to need is rules. They don’t obey the rules, they don’t read the bills, they don’t obey their own rules. About a year ago we got a bill that was about a thousand pages plopped on our desk with two hours to read it and vote on it. Even the Senate rules say it’s supposed to be 48 hours but when I objected you know what the response was? The response was ‘let’s vote to change the rules for this bill.’ And that’s the problem, that’s the arrogance we have in Washington. The arrogance that they somehow think they’re more important than we are and they don’t really care what our opinion is.

“Hillary Clinton's attacks on liberty and the constitution make her unfit to serve as President of the United States” - Rand Paul

Hillary Clinton's Legacy is very dark, corrupt & evil...

Bill Wittle exposes Hillary...

"When the Righteous are in authority, the people rejoice, but when the wicked man rules the people mourn."  Proverbs 29:2


Jesse Ventura Brings the Truth hard!

​​​"For God will bring every deed into judgement, with every secret thing, whether good or evil"... Ecclesiastes 12:14

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GOP front runner Donald Trump slammed his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton Tuesday morning, calling her “crooked Hillary” and “guilty as hell” when it comes to transferring classified material over a home made server, while she was Secretary of State.

Rand Paul Gets to the TRUTH about Hillary Clinton!... And She Claims in this video that "SHE BELIEVES in TRANSPARENCY" Watch it....